Bee Keeping

Bee keeping project are done by Rural Women Groups, Tribals in forest settlements, farmers,. In this scenario we offer training technical know how, bee lives, bee boxes , extractors and buyback the honey from those whom we have offered our package.

Why for Beekeeping Project?

Due to Mass Pollution, Massive Usage of Pesticides in Agro sector, Deforestation ecosystem is under major threat, many species has been. Red listed. Honey bees which is friendly for farmers are in decreasing threat. In this Scenario, the Beekeeping and conserving honey bee is the need of the hour, more over honey is the best Medicare and stimulant for human beings.Nowadays Pure and Quality honey has a vast demand in the markets. Beekeeping industry has a vast history in world. In India there is a wide potential, suitable climate,weather,and location for Beekeeping.

Whom can go for Beekeeping?

House wives, Self-help groups, individuals, school children and any one interested can go for Beekeeping, more over Beekeeping is an art, apart from Industry.

Were can bee keeping done?

Beekeeping can be done, in farms, and Backyards, a family living in urban Sector, also can go for bee keeping.

Which kinds of Bees are best for Beekeeping?

Indian Bees, stingBees, Italian Bees.

Is the Beekeeping harmful?

Certainly not, Patience and involvement, with little skill will keep us friendly to the Bees.

What are the things to be avoided in Bee keeping?

Agro Pesticides, smoke, Bee enemies like Ants, Lizards, etc, should be avoided near the bee boxes.

Whom to be approached for Bee Keeping?

Ecogreen unit, an organization who has a vast experience for 7 years in the above mentioned field, functioning 85,00 bee boxes and 10,000 beneficiaries all over India, the Project was implemented by GOA Chief minister Mr. Manohar Parikar in the year of 2000, Ecogreen Unit Supplies quality Bee Boxes, healthy honeybee colonies and quality, implements.


Marketing Tie-Up for honey will be provided by Eco green Unit




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